Quarantine the Middle East?

Quarantine the Middle East – NYTimes.com. What a fucking brilliant idea! Give this man a Nobel. Heavens know it’s reserved for good intentions these days. Let’s indeed quarantine the Middle East. This is sooooo doable. All we have to do is forget that it exists, then, let the TSA increase security inspection in our airports, because … Continue reading Quarantine the Middle East?


1966 May 30: I am born in Damascus, Syria, at 1 am, or so I am told. 1983 Summer: I graduate from the Fraternity High School, a private school in Damascus. 1983 Winter: I spend three-months in Rasmgate, U.K. studying English. I return to Syria shortly after the New Year’s Eve. August 1984 – May … Continue reading Timeline

Democracy and Mimesis

Values are the result of individual and collective experiences. They are not products that can be exported or imported, or some contagious microbes that can be avoided or quarantined. Nor are they behavioral patterns per se so that they can be expected to spread by mimicry, or, to be more philosophical, mimesis. Indeed, the spread of values depends heavily on two things: education and experience, not imposition, contagion or mimesis.