The Pious Heretic!

If life were perfect, I’d be dead by now. For in a perfect life, there would be no room for an idol-smasher like me. In a perfect life, illusions rule supreme. Oh, thank heavens we live in an imperfect world. If these sentiments should sound strange at first, coming from someone like me, one should bear in mind that my ir-religiosity, my atheism, has always been more anti-idol than anti-God. For I can only reject the evil I see, I cannot reject the unknown.

Why Minorities?

Tharwa Editorial

One of the main criticisms that the Tharwa Project has received focuses on its emphasis on the rights of religious and ethnic minorities in the region, noting that this could easily conflict with other avowed goals of the Project, namely: the interest in democracy promotion in the region and raising the standards of civic awareness and citizenship therein. The emphasis on minorities, we are told, could eventually increase the feeling of non-belonging and separation among minority groups, further isolating them from the rest of society and further feeding the growing ethnic and sectarian suspicions that exist between minority and majority populations in the region. As such, wouldn’t it be better to simply focus on democratization and citizen rights?  Continue reading “Why Minorities?”

Heretical Time

Only Time will tell what remembrances really mean – whether they are simply nostalgic fragments of the Self crying for fusion, or shattered moments of an all too fragile time seeking to be whole again. Or could it possibly be that I am Time and Time is me? That our co-terminality is the source of all confusion, because it needs to be continuously discovered?

The Rich and the Poor

A Heretic’s Log: A series of philosophical essays written between September 20, 2002 and July 15, 2004. 

When it comes to the issue of poverty in the world, there are no lights at the end of the tunnel, although there is a need for lights to be present all through it.

We can easily assert today, and studies in this regard are too numerous to mention, that the majority of the peoples of Earth are not receiving their “fair and reasonable” share of the material benefits of globalization. Meanwhile people’s expectations regarding what constitutes this fair and reasonable share are being reshaped daily, making it ever harder for their attainment to take place and creating a condition of constant frustration as a consequence. Continue reading “The Rich and the Poor”