Are you awake yet Mr. President?

Because you see. Mr. President, the world is not exactly standing still while you revel in “thy golden slumber,” and it does not stand still while your learn your way around. Realities in that little piece of dysfunctional paradise, AKA, the Middle East, continue to shift, and guess what? As they do so, they make a mockery out of the very principles you espouse.

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Democracy, Authoritarianism and Course Corrections

(In response to comments on US and western involvement in our regional conflicts)

Abuse of power is common to all who have it. But democratic countries like the US allow for self-criticism and self-reflection and therefore, for the possibility of course correction.

In our struggle to bring democracy to our part of the world, where authoritarianism makes course-correction on a variety of issues well-nigh impossible, it will be positive to lobby for support from established democracies. Failure to lobby in this regard will leave the stage to be occupied by pundits with little knowledge, understanding  and appreciation of shifting realities in the region, and other lobbies which represent the interests of ruling regimes and all varieties of parties who are not interested in democracy to begin with. Continue reading “Democracy, Authoritarianism and Course Corrections”

The errors in America’s ‘war on terror’

The Daily Star

Despite two invasions and numerous air strikes against targets in other countries, and despite security cooperation with several states across the Middle East and North Africa, the United States still finds itself unable to make serious progress in its global “war on terror.” Even though the United States has imbued its policies with militarism and pragmatism, Al-Qaeda remains an elusive target as it continues to inspire surrogates and attract converts or wannabes even on American soil.

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فيسبوك: 14 شباط، 2010

14 شباط، 2010 / فيسبوك 

– الحرية والعدالة وحكم القانون متطلبات لا يمكن للسلام، لا مع الداخل ولا مع الخارج، أن يقوم بدونها، الأولوية في حياتنا هي للحرية وللمؤسسات التي تصونها. 

– هل تعرف كم من الأشياء يتوجب عليك أن تتخلى عنها من أجل ان تحصل على تلك الأشياء التي ما زلت تحلم بها؟ هل تعرف حجم المخاطر التي عليك أن تواجهها والتضحيات التي عليك أن تبذلها من أجل تحقيق أحلامك؟ المستقبل يبدأ من اللحظة التي تصبح فيها قادراً على الإجابة على هذه الأسئلة.  Continue reading “فيسبوك: 14 شباط، 2010”