Activists & Masterminds

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has announced plans to build several nuclear power plants. AP Photo/Mohammed Al-Sehety
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has announced plans to build several nuclear power plants. AP Photo/Mohammed Al-Sehety

It is difficult at this stage to determine the identity of the masterminds exploiting the current turmoil in the Middle East in a satisfactory manner, because the processes involved are not transparent and there are too many contradictory conspiracy theories out there to help make sense of anything, including ones that assert that the entire development called the Arab Spring is actually a phenomenon engineered by the “masterminds.”

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Power Vacuum in Middle East Lifts Militants

Power Vacuum in Middle East Lifts Militants –

“It’s not in America’s interests to have troops in the middle of every conflict in the Middle East, or to be permanently involved in open-ended wars in the Middle East,” Benjamin J. Rhodes, a White House deputy national security adviser, said in an email on Saturday……

Comment: Tell Obama, not to worry too much, Ben, the holy warriors will soon bring their battle to your living-rooms, and not via TV. These things just have a nasty habit of festering, and you’re already knee-deep in this, no matter what you say or think. It’s all part of the open-endedness of our political geography these days.

Far Right in Eastern Europe Makes Gains as Syrians Arrive

Far Right in Eastern Europe Makes Gains as Syrians Arrive –

Indeed, fascists are making a comeback in Europe, and the main drivers are economic woes and high rates of unemployment among the youth. But, in typical fashion, it’s the presence of immigrants and refugees that will be used as the convenient vehicle for venting frustration. Over the next few years, the Middle East, especially Syria, will be a major supplier of both, which makes continued dithering by European leaders on intervention in Syria rather baffling. Europe is not in a position to shield herself from meltdown in the Middle East, and yet, her leaders stood by and watched on helplessly as the genocide in Syria unfolded.  Sooner rather than later, the political price for this lack of foresight and backbone on part of Europe’s leaders will be exacted, and the consequences will haunt all. Meanwhile, fascists of the world may not be uniting yet, but they are finding ways to cooperate with and support each other. That’s why they hold rallies and events in support of Assad throughout Europe, and that’s why few made them made the trip all the way to Syria to fight with his militias. While Western intelligence services will be watching all those European Jihadis after they come back home, their real security nightmares in the future might come from their native kith and kin on the far right.

Are you awake yet Mr. President?

Because you see. Mr. President, the world is not exactly standing still while you revel in “thy golden slumber,” and it does not stand still while your learn your way around. Realities in that little piece of dysfunctional paradise, AKA, the Middle East, continue to shift, and guess what? As they do so, they make a mockery out of the very principles you espouse.

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