Are you awake yet Mr. President?

Because you see. Mr. President, the world is not exactly standing still while you revel in “thy golden slumber,” and it does not stand still while your learn your way around. Realities in that little piece of dysfunctional paradise, AKA, the Middle East, continue to shift, and guess what? As they do so, they make a mockery out of the very principles you espouse.

Engagement you say? “Engage this!” they say.

You speak with respect in order to repair the bridges that have been damaged in the years gone by, but they have no problem being disrespectful and blowing away all the bridges.

You want their cooperation and understanding, but they understand all too well, they understand that a tiny little inch given in our devilish game will soon mushroom into a wholesome mile. After all, this is what just happened to you! You gave them a few inches when spoke of open engagement and sending back ambassadors, and now you’re miles behind in the race my man. They got a lot for nothing, and they know you’re in trouble domestically, just as American troops continue to be bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and American economy sucks. As for them economic woes mean nothing. One of the benefit of being authoritarian and corrupt, you see, mean that they don’t have to worry about being accountable to their people. That’s why giving up on the Freedom Agenda thingy turned up to be just another one of those nasty little misbehaving inches with mile-long aspirations.

So now what? you say. Wake up for starters, and take a long warm bath. You’ve been given too many cold showers of late you must be freezing, you poor little thing. The weather in town must have been mirroring your mood. So,m snap out of it. Then I say, an internal shakeup seems in order. You really need a new foreign policy team, hopefully one made up of people who know how and when to listen to something other than the pathetic monologues in their heads telling them how great, deserving and well-intentioned they are.