Call Me: Enemy.

Amarji Special

The cornerstone of the New Global Order and the new policy direction that President Obama is trying to chart for United States lies in a country called Syria. Or, to be more specific, it lies in her ruins. For the breakup of this country, the dashing of the majority’s dream for a life with dignity, and the ensuing genocidal venture that was allowed to happen are the very events that are giving birth to the New Order. How long can such an order last? Should it last? Shall we allow this cynical spirit for doing things masquerading in the guise of Realism, while Surrealism seems more fitting, shall we allow for such spirit to continue dictating the way we live in this modern world? I, for one, cannot.

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Wrong Calculus!

Amarji Special

My opposition to the deal with Iran is not premised on any assumptions about her potential future behavior, but on facts related to her current one, especially her financial, logistical and military support of Bashar Al-Assad even as he perpetrates genocide against the majority Sunni population in Syria. When I say that Iran seeks to project power in the region by exploiting Shia communities there, this, too, is not on assumption, but an observation of a decades-long trend.

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How Obama has supported Assads gas murder always

Linux Beach: How Obama has supported Assads gas murder always.

It is hard to dispute the claims made here, namely that Obama’s calculus on Syria is deliberate and methodical and meant simply to use the conflict in Syria to achieve certain policy goals that do not include regime change or ending genocide. With the deal struck with Iran, one policy goal is now clear. One more thing is clear as well: Obama is not only an amoral bastard but a moron as well. What has been achiever with Iran and what could still be achieved does not justify the cost incurred in terms of human lives lost, hopes for freedom dashed, and not only in Syria, America’s standing in the world compromised even more than it was under the former administration, and global order shattered.

Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year?

Bashar Assad | Vote Now: Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year? |

While Time’s person of the year is not always a positive personality, I can’t help but think that those who have so far voted for Assad actually mean it as an endorsement of the man and his genocide. This world has become a cruel joke again. Mass murder has once again become a legitimate means towards an end. It has the approval of world leaders, and now the world’s readers.