Syrian Uprising Shifts Toward Suicide Bombings. Al Qaeda’s Handiwork?

Quoted by Nicholas Blanford, The Christian Science Monitor

“The only Al Qaeda cells that operate in Syria are those manipulated by Assad’s security apparatuses,” said Ammar Abdulhamid, a US-based Syrian opposition activist in an online newsletter emailed today. “The suicide bombings are directly staged or facilitated by them. Issues pertaining to the timing and the real beneficiaries, and everything we know about the Assads’ involvement in terror networks, all point in this direction.”

Mr. Abdulhamid’s post carried a YouTube link that quotes Walid Muallem, Syria’s foreign minister, telling a news conference in Damascus in December that suicide bombings would not be an “embarrassment” for the government but would bestow “credibility” upon its claim that it is under threat from Islamist militants.

Syrian Opposition Activists Ask Kosovo for Advice

Quoted by the Associated Press

PRISTINA, Kosovo –  A Syrian dissident said Thursday his country’s opposition is turning to Kosovo’s former rebels-turned-politicians for advice on how to topple Bashar Assad’s regime in Damascus.

Ammar Abdulhamid, an exiled anti-Assad activist, said that seeing a new country “emerging out of the nightmare and emerging as a state” could be inspiring for Syrian dissidents. Continue reading “Syrian Opposition Activists Ask Kosovo for Advice”

UN Mission in Syria Faces Criticism

Quoted by Matt Vasilogambros, National Journal

For some anti-Assad activists, those aren’t enough to successfully overturn the regime. Ammar Abdulhamid, a Damascus-born activist serving as a fellow for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said he does not expect the U.N. mission to work because of Russia’s current support of the Assad regime. Continue reading “UN Mission in Syria Faces Criticism”

فيسبوك: 19 نيسان، 2012

– سننتصر ليس فقط لأننا على حق، فهذا ليس شرطاً كافياً للنصر، لكن لأننا نتعلّم وبسرعة من هذه التجارب الصعبة التي نمرّ بها، ولعلّ أهم درس تعلمناه هو أن نستمرّ بالاعتماد على قدراتنا الذاتية أولاً وأساساً حتى ونحن نطالب بدعم دولي. وثاني أهم درس هو تجنّب عزل أنفسنا عن العالم باسم السيادة والاستقلال وسقف الوطن وغيرها من المفاهيم، فالسقف هو الكرامة، وديدن الدول منذ ظهورها على ساحة التاريخ هو التدخل في شؤون بعضها، لذا، فالمطالبة بدعم دولي هو حق أساسي وهو جزء لايتجزّأ من نضالنا للمشاركة في صنع القرارات الأساسية المؤثرة على حياتنا ومصالحنا ووجودنا.