The Absentee Heretic?

Well, not quite, I was actually present elsewhere (Syrian Elector) doing exactly the very thing that I said I will not be doing: doing something extremely cockamamie like monitoring some sham and farcical elections in a backwater Third World country of which I remain proud citizen.

And how can I not be proud? My people have shown that they are far more savvy than all of us pretentious fools speaking on their behalf. They did so by sending a message to the Assads regime that is as unambiguous as any it could ever receive: the people are not happy, not by a long shot.  Continue reading “The Absentee Heretic?”

ثورة تطهير

نعم، هناك مفعول تطهيري للثورة ، ونعم، نحن بحاجة إلى هذا التطهير، بحاجة إلى التكفير عن ذنب صمت أكسبنا بعضاً مما نابنا من الظلم.

The (S)Elections!


Syrian Elector plans a live around the clock coverage of the Syrian Parliamentary elections, starting Saturday evening and ending on Monday evening. Reactions by average citizens, experts, opposition figures, and academics, even US officials when possible, links to relevant articles and reports will be included. And so will your comments, if you have any to make. Your views, analyses, remembrances and/or jokes on this interesting showpiece of Baath dramatizations and on elections and reforms in Syria in general will be appreciated by one and all at Syrian Elector and will be inserted all through the ongoing commentary on events. Write in either Arabic or English, the Syrian Elector Team will take care of the translation. Direct your correspondence to: tharwacolamus @ Continue reading “The (S)Elections!”

Swing Back Sweet Pendulum!

The diplomatic battle for Syria goes on. The last few months witnessed developments that seemed favorable for the Assads regime. Indeed, official attitudes and statements did reflect a certain growing confidence, and more than the usual tone of defiance. A certain hubris was clearly visible in such idiotic assertions to the effect that the Assads have managed to isolate the Bush Administration rather than the other way around. Well, whatever! The pendulum swings both ways, I guess, and the diplomatic battle for Syria is far from settled, as this development indicate. Continue reading “Swing Back Sweet Pendulum!”