Syria: A Turning Point?

Hudson Institute Event More than a month after protests erupted in the small southern city of Deraa, the Syrian Revolution is gathering steam. Friday after Friday, the opposition movement has taken to the streets of every major Syrian city to demonstrate against one of the more ruthless regimes in the Middle East. A long-time sponsor of terror and ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Damascus facilitated the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq to attack U.S. troops and Iraqi allies, while it also targeted U.S. allies in Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian territories. Presumably, the fall of the Assad regime would constitute a net gain for American interests in the Middle East. Continue reading “Syria: A Turning Point?”

فيسبوك: 25 نيسان، 2011

– أعزائي قادة العالم الحر، عند قرائتكم لهذه الكلمات سيكون الجيش السوري قد اجتاح مدينة درعا بالدبابات والعربات المدرّعة فقتل من قتل وروّع من روّع، وبهذا يكون الأسد قد أثبت لنا جميعاً أنه ليس مصلحاً يعمل في الخفاء لتحقيق أهدافه الاصلاحية، بل وبكل بساطة قاتل على استعداد لفعل كل شيء ليبقى في السلطة ويتفادى حكم العدالة، فما أنتم فاعلون اليوم؟ فيما يتعلّق بنا، نقول لكم أن الثورة ستستمر. ناشط سوري.

Protests Will Only Grow, Democracy Activist Predicts

Quoted by NPR

Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian living in exile in the United States who writes about the democracy movement there and has become an informal spokesman for those who oppose the Assad regime, told All Things Considered host Robert Siegel today that the Syrian president and those in his regime must step down because today’s crackdown and killings show that they are not serious about any of the concessions they have offered in recent days.

And Abdulhamid predicted that the protests will only continue to grow as more Syrians turn against the regime because of its violent response to the protesters’ demands. Continue reading “Protests Will Only Grow, Democracy Activist Predicts”

For Syrians, a Sense of Collective Identity Emerges Amid Battle for Reform

PBS News Hour

The U.S. called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop the use of violence after government forces attacked protesters with live ammunition. Judy Woodruff discusses protesters’ demands and the government’s crackdowns with the International Crisis Group’s Robert Malley and democracy activist and blogger Ammar Abdulhamid. Continue reading “For Syrians, a Sense of Collective Identity Emerges Amid Battle for Reform”