Day Seventeen!

On the Seventeenth Day of Exile my True Love brought to me ingredients for a traditional Syrian dish. Oh I absolutely adore my One True Love.

Indeed, this is our seventeenth day in Washington DC and exile couldn’t smell or taste any sweeter. But this is only “me” talking – I who logs my exile around like a cross, a simultaneously cherished and reviled possession.  Continue reading “Day Seventeen!”

Last Days!

It’s a matter of days now. Advertisement boards across the country are busy announcing the coming of a new old age that will allow Syria to “pulsate” again with humanity, culture and inadvertently even blood.


Myriad of festivals, fairs and activities are being held everywhere in the country – a bit unusual really for this Baathist bastion, still the air remains as stale as ever, if not more so. Continue reading “Last Days!”