Much Ado About Nothing!

Oh the ups and downs. Oh the drama of it all. This is shaping up into a really cool show. Unfortunately though, the ending is too predictable. Mehlis seems to have enough evidence to finger Syrian officials for Hariri’s assassination. Still, on December 15, a lot of people are going to be genuinely surprised to learn that.


People just want to believe, I guess.  Continue reading “Much Ado About Nothing!”

A Necessary Euphoric Phase!

After so many weeks of depression, it is only natural now that the news regarding the impeding cooperation with the UN probe will be greeted with much euphoria at this stage. People need it. Yes, and despite developments such as the about-face made by one of Mehlis’s chief witnesses, there is nothing to suggest yet that the crisis is over. Even if Assef and Maher are not among the people to be interviewed at this stage, what does this really signify? The fat lady cannot sing until Mehlis has submitted his final report on December 15.  Continue reading “A Necessary Euphoric Phase!”

Keeling over, with Some Dignity!

Keeling over is indeed the more accurate way for reading Bashar’s recent decision to cooperate with the UN probe into the Hariri assassination. The attempts by the regime’s henchmen, and some increasingly foolish observers, at trying to give this matter some positive spin are simply ludicrous. Far from being a success for Syrian diplomacy and brinksmanship, the decision reflects the helplessness of the Syrian regime and the increasing desperation of its leaders.  Continue reading “Keeling over, with Some Dignity!”