A Necessary Euphoric Phase!

After so many weeks of depression, it is only natural now that the news regarding the impeding cooperation with the UN probe will be greeted with much euphoria at this stage. People need it. Yes, and despite developments such as the about-face made by one of Mehlis’s chief witnesses, there is nothing to suggest yet that the crisis is over. Even if Assef and Maher are not among the people to be interviewed at this stage, what does this really signify? The fat lady cannot sing until Mehlis has submitted his final report on December 15. 

But let us assume the worst, and the worst to me is for this regime to stay in power with its main pillars intact, what does this really mean? Frankly, this scenario may not be as bad as I once thought. Why? Because the regime has already been severely shaken by its brush with “death,” and I don’t think it would crave to be in that position again. So, should such a scenario unfold, the Opposition may be able to challenge the regime from the inside even more openly, and to get more organized in the process.

Indeed, if the regime ends ups staying in power for a little while longer as a result of some sort of a deal or a lucky break, then I will reopen Tharwa’s offices in Damascus and I will periodically return to visit the old country and be much more of a troublemaker than I have been before. I always enjoyed that part of my activities anyway. It is always better to take part in reengineering one’s country from the inside. It is much more fun that way.