Much Ado About Nothing!

Oh the ups and downs. Oh the drama of it all. This is shaping up into a really cool show. Unfortunately though, the ending is too predictable. Mehlis seems to have enough evidence to finger Syrian officials for Hariri’s assassination. Still, on December 15, a lot of people are going to be genuinely surprised to learn that.


People just want to believe, I guess. 

There are still people around who believe that the earth is flat, and there will always be people who think that Saddam Huseein was a genuine hero of Arab nationalism, and there will always be people who will believe that Bashar al-Assad is a good and honest man, who just happen to be surrounded, even overwhelmed, by murdering thieves.

OK. What can I do? I cannot change human nature. I often find myself caught in the middle of the rollercoaster ride myself, despite my better judgment. Well. So be it. For now, I have disembarked again, and I can see things a bit more clearly, and guess what? The Syrian regime is still in a very serious crisis, and things will be coming to a head on December 15.

Meantime those who want to dance rather than cry their way to hell are free to do so. Those who want to remain sheep even while being shepherded by a lion all the way to the abyss are welcome to do so. No amount of caution or advice can actually make the true believer see. The light of true faith is too blinding. Its reflection in my eyes gives me headaches. But I will not be blinded, and I will not be fooled or hoodwinked into supporting a handful of criminals in the name of anything holy, not even patriotism or national interest. Come what may. Come what may.