Obama Administration Designing Mideast Policy

Quoted by NPR

KELEMEN: Secretary Clinton says she raised human rights issues with her Egyptian counterpart yesterday, but some activists feel the Obama administration has been far too quiet. It’s diplomatic outreach to Syria is another troubling factor for Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian dissident who runs the Tharwa Foundation.

Mr. AMMAR ABDULHAMID (Founder, The Tharwa Foundation): If you are only going to talk about Syria’s regional involvement and adventurism and forget about the internal dimension, then this will be a major blow to Syrian human rights activists in the sense it will make the regime behave with greater impunity towards human rights activists.

KELEMEN: Abdulhamid says that’s happening already. It is, quote, “open season” on human rights and democracy activists in Syria, he says, adding so far, the Obama administration’s silence is deafening.


Few Tweets of Obama and Pipedreams

  1. In our struggle to even things out, to bring a measure of justice into our lives, we should always be aware that the odds are against us. 4:28 PM May 24th
  2. Describing an ugly reality is not the same as endorsing it. We have to know what we are dealing with here. Freedom is not easily achieved. 4:32 PM May 24th
  3. Life is not just. Freedom is not a given. We have to fight hard to get where we want, and have to remain true to who we are in the process. 4:43 PM May 24th
  4. As the world unravels into multipolarity, peace and security, for many, become more hollow as concepts, and more untenable as realities. 3:43 AM May 25th
  5. Ours is an age of many fast-paced transformations, too far reaching, too overwhelming, the violent atavistic backlash is already unfolding. 3:56 AM May 25th Continue reading “Few Tweets of Obama and Pipedreams”