Cyber dissidents: Fighting for a new battleground

Three Main bloggers are interviewed about the new power of blogs in the Middle East countries. freedom of speech and expression. Speakers: Dr Mina Nima, Nir T. Boms, Ammar Abdulhamid. 3 bloggers and media specialists: an Iranian, a Syrian and an Israeli. February 2009 – Sciences Po. Paris.

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الرقص على أنغام الشارع

تتكاثر الأخبار والإشاعات والتقارير حوال نشاطات الحكومات والأنظمة والأحزاب والحركات، لكن التطورات الحقيقة التي ستغير الأوضاع في سورية والمنطقة ستجري في الشارع عما قريب، وسيقودها الناس. طوبى لـ “الرعاع”، إنهم قادمون.

Everything you ever wanted to know – and less – about Syrian underwear

Mention in The Daily Star

Kevorkian’s essay is followed by an interview with the dissident author and democracy activist Ammar Abdulhamid, whose first novel, “Menstruation,” deals with a young Islamist who can smell women’s menstrual blood. It is one of the highlights of the book, with Halasa asking thoughtful, pointed questions that provoke equally thoughtful replies, which add up to a comprehensive briefing on gender relations in Syria. He and his wife now live in the US, where he is a fellow at the Brookings Institution. To no one’s surprise, he dismisses Victoria’s Secret, one of his wife’s favorites, as “lame.” Back in Syria, he says, there “is simply much, much more.”