Cyber dissidents: Fighting for a new battleground

Three Main bloggers are interviewed about the new power of blogs in the Middle East countries. freedom of speech and expression. Speakers: Dr Mina Nima, Nir T. Boms, Ammar Abdulhamid. 3 bloggers and media specialists: an Iranian, a Syrian and an Israeli. February 2009 – Sciences Po. Paris.

Abdulhamid Ammar is the Founder and Director of the « Tharwa Foundation » Ammar Abdulhamid is considered by the New York Times to be « one of the main voices in the new Syrian dissidents generation ». He has testified before the American Congress and comments about the Middle East issues in several American newspapers and television channels. Summary of Abdulhamid’s testimony at the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, in September 2008.

Dr Mina Nima is an associated Professor at the African and Oriental Studies Department at the University of London
Mina Nima has published in 2007, with the support of the « German Marshall Center », a report about « Blogs, Cyber-Literature and Virtual Culture in Iran ».

Nir T. Boms
 is a Researcher at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism and member of the« Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace ». As a consultant on the Middle East he has published several articles in the Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post, The Asia Times, Iran Times International. He has also teached in Australia, Bulgaria, England, Hungary, Turkey and the United States. He lives in Israel since 2004.