A Good Rally!


Well, it was not exactly a revolution but we did it. We rallied in front of the Syrian Embassy on Saturday and we did manage to make some noise. We were about 50 people in all at one time, but some counts around 75 people did show in the three hours period that we spent. The crowed was pretty diverse, and represented Syrians from various backgrounds, ethnic and political. There were also some American and Arab participants who wanted to show their support of our cause. For this, they have our lasting gratitude. Some photos of the event can be found on the Syrian Elector blog, but the picture above shows the heretical family in action: my daughter, Oula (21), holding the sign on the far left, my wife Khawla holding the sign on the right, I am holding, but not hording I swear, the loudspeaker, and my son, Mouhanad (17), holding the sign on the far right. Continue reading “A Good Rally!”


Preparations for the Freedom Rally are proceeding as they should. We wouldn’t know, however, how many people will turn out right until the final moment. The rally will take place on Saturday May 26th, 12-2 pm in front of the Syrian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and to be specific, right on 2215 Wyoming Ave., N.W.  There will be some media coverage involved as well. Hopefully, it will be worse it, if not, well, at least we have tired to do something. Continue reading “Updates”

How does it work?


How does the regime manage to get so many thousands of people to take part in its sham “popular” demonstrations of support to the President? Well, take the candle light vigil, for instance, in which a reported 50,000 students took part, though actual on the grounds estimate put the number at 20,000 only. All the authorities had to do in this case was to collect the ID of the students from different Syrian university all over the country, the IDs they have to sue in order to gain entrance to the exams hall, and voila. Continue reading “How does it work?”

“No” to Bashar = “Yes” to Syria

Indeed, but the best way to say “No” to Bashar is when we choose to boycott the entire system that was set u to allow someone like him to lord over us, to reject the whole Baath-imposed referendum system that deprives us of a real choice, to refuse to take part in the farce that is played on our expense. Continue reading ““No” to Bashar = “Yes” to Syria”