Yes, It Has To Be Done!


What else is the dissident to do when presented with a once in every seven year opportunity but take it? I mean, how many seven-year terms are left in my life anyway? So, all uncertainties about eventual outcomes aside, and all considerations of potential embarrassment notwithstanding, I cannot but make the call: the call for a protest rally in front of the Syrian Embassy in Washington, DC, on Saturday May 26th? Continue reading “Yes, It Has To Be Done!”

May 27 – The National Flu Day!

The first step towards a peaceful democratic revolution in Syria might just be as easy as staying home for a day.

Indeed, what if the entire country had the flu on May 27, 2007, and no one managed to leave home to take part in the presidential referendum? Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that be a logical extension of earlier poplar boycott of the parliamentary elections? Continue reading “May 27 – The National Flu Day!”

The Monarch!

So I was wrong. I admit. However moronic Bashar had been at one point, he has now very much proven to be his father’s son. Or, at least, as it might be easier for some of us to believe, “fate” seems to have conspired to make him so. Still, no matter how about we put it, the end result is the same: Bashar is now a full-fledged autocrat, worthy of our full-fledged contempt. Continue reading “The Monarch!”

يوم الزكام الوطني في سورية

الخطوة الأولى نحو ثورة سلمية وديمقراطية في سوريا قد لا تتطلّب منا أكثر من البقاء في البيت لمدة يوم واحد فقط.

بالفعل، ماذا لو أصيب البلد بأكمله بالإنفلونزا في 27 أيار 2007، ولم يتمكن أحد من مغادرة منزله للمشاركة في الاستفتاء الرئاسي؟ ألن يكون ذلك شيئاً؟ ألن يشكّل هذا الحدث امتداداً منطقياً لسابقة المقاطعة الشعبية للانتخابات التشريعية؟ هل يمكن أن يتخيل أحد طريقة أسهل وأقل مخاطرة للتعبير عن مشاعرنا الوطنية من الإصابة بالإنفلونزا في يوم معين؟ Continue reading “يوم الزكام الوطني في سورية”