Of Mehlis & Cialis!

Another nail has been hammered into the Syrian regime’s coffin. But, and while the regime seems poised to receive more doses of the Mehlis treatment, the opposition appears more desperately in need of a Cialis treatment if it is to rise up to the challenges ahead.


Unfortunately for the Syrian people, neither they nor their leaders are truly virile where it counts. Still, they both have plenty of fodder to spare for the looming battle of the impotents.  Continue reading “Of Mehlis & Cialis!”

The Age of the Hyenas!

Now that I am on the outside, I can spend more time trying to figure out what the external opposition is like. There is definitely a lot of action behind the scenes. Indeed, many in the external opposition seem convinced now that the regime’s days are numbered. So, what are they doing about it?

Well, they are doing what comes naturally in these circumstances, I guess, they are trying to speed the process along, and each group and individual is trying to carve itself a little niche, in preparations for the eventual take-over and the long-awaited settling of old scores.  Continue reading “The Age of the Hyenas!”