A mention in News Hour Online:

“Bashar [Assad] is being asked to get rid of the old guard and create a new government,” Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian activist and visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said at a press briefing. “This is what is expected of him. It’s the only way he can cooperate with the [Mehlis] investigation.”

The Heretical Tongue!

I have no real reason to worry about my own well-being anymore. After all, I am in the United States now. I am safe here, safe to worry about those who are not, such as my Mom, Khawla’s mom and brothers, and my colleagues and friends. Even though doing anything to them to get back at me will be the stupidest thing in the world and can only make me more determined, we are talking about an essentially stupid regime here.  Continue reading “The Heretical Tongue!”

Heretical Scenarios for the Future of a Rogue Regime!

In a strict legal sense, the Mehlis Report raised more questions than it answered and ultimately proved nothing. Nonetheless, it amply demonstrated that the Syrian regime did not fully cooperate with the investigation and that some officials might have in fact tried to mislead it.


But this is not of the essence. For the Report is one on preliminary findings only and Mehlis himself does state that he has more evidence in his possession which he chose not to reveal at this stage as the investigation is still underway.  Continue reading “Heretical Scenarios for the Future of a Rogue Regime!”