The Cow!

We have an old saying in Syria – when a cow collapses, its wannabe butchers increase in number.


Well, the Syrian regime has been on the verge of implosion for quite a while now, and it appears that many people are now taking notice of that. For despite the fact that by all objective standards, one would still expect the Syrian regime to be strong and in control, at teh very least for the lack of any serious internal contenders, the reality is the survivability of the regime, as the events of the last few years have amply demonstrated, needs to be measured on the basis of the intellectual capacity of the regime leaders, rather than any other “objective” factor. But on this basis we can safely conclude that the Syrian regime’s days are indeed numbered, even if there is no clear alternative to it but chaos.  Continue reading “The Cow!”

The General & the Heretic!

Reading the name of my chief interrogator, AKA General Dashing, all over the “deleted” sections in the Mehlis Report, I find it hard to believe that such a figure found time to interrogate someone like me in the midst of all these developments. Was I really considered such a major threat? Or was he in the habit of interrogating everybody?  Continue reading “The General & the Heretic!”

Hope & Folly!

The Awaited Report is finally out. I shall not attempt to analyze or dissect it. Many, with much larger analytical skills and expertise than me, will be doing that on their blogs and in their articles. Suffice it to say, however, that all the necessary ingredients for a UNSC Resolution against Syria are there. It remains to be seen, however, whether the US and France have managed to gather enough support in the Council to pass such a resolution. Will China and Russia cooperate? Or will they push to give their not-so-precious lion-cub another chance at trying to make things right?  Continue reading “Hope & Folly!”