Claustrophobe Burning!

The walls are not simply growing taller and taller, they are growing closer and closer. They are about to crush our brittle bones and collapse over our worn-out heads. The end is coming. 


The whole thing seemed so unbelievable not too long ago, albeit all the “right” signs have always been there, so much so that foresight did not seem to be a major requirement. But, I guess, it was. Reading the obvious has always been the most difficult thing in the world. Some people have always been too clever for that somehow, too clever for their own good. Too clever by half. For instead of the self-appointed demigods they thought themselves to be, they somehow proved demi-men.

And the walls are closing in, and all things deemed unthinkable not too long ago, now seem so insufficient. There must be more unthinkable things out there that need to be thought out and done so that the whole yarn does not come so completely and devastatingly un-spun.

But the yarn is in fact burning.