Preparations for the Freedom Rally are proceeding as they should. We wouldn’t know, however, how many people will turn out right until the final moment. The rally will take place on Saturday May 26th, 12-2 pm in front of the Syrian Embassy in Washington, D.C., and to be specific, right on 2215 Wyoming Ave., N.W.  There will be some media coverage involved as well. Hopefully, it will be worse it, if not, well, at least we have tired to do something.

Basharcumhafiz_alassad_2Meanwhile, our virtual presidential race is heating up. It’s now a dead tie between Mamoun al-Homsi and Ali Sadreddine al-Bayanouni. The voting is taking place on the pages of Syrian Elector. There are two other sites where polls are taking place as well.

The 99%? Site and Your Opinion Matters blog-poll, both has certain problems though. The 99%? tends to act up, often showing a server error message. But when it works, it does allow for 4 votes from each IP, in order to accommodate single-computer families, which is pretty much the norm in Syria.  People voting “No” for Bashar also get to write in the name of their favorite candidates, if they want. But people spell the names of candidates differently, and so tallying up the results is a messy thing.

Your Opinion Matters looks better, and people can vote for their candidate, but then, they can vote as many times as they like and for more than candidates, a good release for those who hate Bashar, and they are legion, but it does not allow us to get something that looks professional.

The good thing about the Syrian Elector poll is that it gives a feel of a real poll. People can vote only once from the same IP, as such, manipulating there it requires some leg-work I guess, or some advanced technical capabilities. For this reason, frequent visits to the site will allow people to follow the poll as though it reflects a real presidential race involving candidates from diverse ethnic and political backgrounds. This augurs well for the future, I hope.