Few Tweets of Obama and Pipedreams

  1. In our struggle to even things out, to bring a measure of justice into our lives, we should always be aware that the odds are against us. 4:28 PM May 24th
  2. Describing an ugly reality is not the same as endorsing it. We have to know what we are dealing with here. Freedom is not easily achieved. 4:32 PM May 24th
  3. Life is not just. Freedom is not a given. We have to fight hard to get where we want, and have to remain true to who we are in the process. 4:43 PM May 24th
  4. As the world unravels into multipolarity, peace and security, for many, become more hollow as concepts, and more untenable as realities. 3:43 AM May 25th
  5. Ours is an age of many fast-paced transformations, too far reaching, too overwhelming, the violent atavistic backlash is already unfolding. 3:56 AM May 25th
  6. Too many conflicts to manage. Too many players trying. Too many conflicting agendas. Too much hate, anger around. Too few enlightened leaders. about 6 hours ago
  7. In life, you have to pick your fights, not whether to fight. The good news: you have some leeway when it comes to choosing your methods. about 6 hours ago
  8. Not for a moment can we afford to rest comfortably knowing that the quality of our life is based on ignoring the suffering of others. 26 minutes ago
  9. A world where ambition is a crime and submission is a virtue is not a world that deserves peace, it is not a world that can deliver peace. less than a minute ago
  10. Obama urges Myanmar to release Aung San Suu Kyi. Why can’t he do the same for Riad Seif, Kamal Labwani and other Syrian dissidents? 9:57 AM May 27th
  11. Nuclear “rights,” bellicose rhetoric, succession crises, security, stability, senility, peace talks… Oh, I fell warm all over. 12:01 PM May 27th
  12. There is nothing more dangerous than dictators in the twilight of their existence. And don’t we have a few! We’re just lucky I guess. 12:07 PM May 27th
  13. To some, the pipe dream that is peace is more important than the pipe dream that is freedom. Meanwhile the pipe dream that is hope is dying. 12:45 PM May 27th
  14. Pipe dreams and hookahs, the staple diet in the Glorious Muddle East (sic) are proving insufficient to help us believe in anything anymore. 1:01 PM May 27th
  15. Yes, for all my cynicism I am a democracy activist. And I do believe in the “pipe” dreams of peace, hope and freedom. Why? Well, why not? 2:55 PM May 27th
  16. Those who think that peace can be achieved at the expense of freedom will only contribute to the prolongation and escalation of conflicts. 3:53 PM May 28th
  17. Peacemaking and democracy promotion in the ME have to go hand in hand, otherwise no deal will be possible or durable. 4:28 PM May 28th
  18. Status quo beneficiaries in the ME are more interested in getting another piece of the action than in peace-making per se. 4:56 PM May 28th
  19. The saying did not go “Give me liberty, or give me peace.” You simply can’t have one without the other. Not for long anyway. 5:10 PM May 28th
  20. The Freedom Agenda is perhaps that part of Bush’s legacy that Obama cannot and should not abandon. It made sense then, it makes sense now. 5:34 PM May 28th
  21. As beneficiary of the civil rights movement in his country, Obama will look particularly bad should he turn his back on the freedom agenda. 5:45 PM May 28th
  22. We need Obama to speak in support of liberty in the ME in his address to the Muslim World in Cairo. It’s as simple as that. Will he deliver? 5:58 PM May 28th
  23. Obama should avoid the condescending temptation of telling us how great our ancestors were, and should stick to our not so glorious present. 6:10 PM May 28th
  24. Obama should address the peoples of the Muslim World first and foremost, and should beware of lumping them with their leaders as one entity 6:14 PM May 28th
  25. If history showed us anything it’s that we are all equally screwed up irrespective of the faiths we profess. 8:54 PM May 28th