Call Me: Enemy.

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The cornerstone of the New Global Order and the new policy direction that President Obama is trying to chart for United States lies in a country called Syria. Or, to be more specific, it lies in her ruins. For the breakup of this country, the dashing of the majority’s dream for a life with dignity, and the ensuing genocidal venture that was allowed to happen are the very events that are giving birth to the New Order. How long can such an order last? Should it last? Shall we allow this cynical spirit for doing things masquerading in the guise of Realism, while Surrealism seems more fitting, shall we allow for such spirit to continue dictating the way we live in this modern world? I, for one, cannot.

But back to the beginning: Those who think that the deal over Syria’s chemical weapons is good forget to tell us that it came as a result of a serious threat of force by the U.S. And the question of why the Obama Administration failed to use threat back in 2011 to prevent genocide will remain unanswered, for the answer is simply too embarrassing. Perhaps the New Order could have been forged without exacting such a heavy price. Perhaps. But we will never know. It’s all academic now.

Academic, and irrelevant. For the protagonists of that genocide in Syria – the Assad regime, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia – are now partners in the making of the New Order. What good, lesser or greater, can come out of it then?

Consider me an enemy of this New Order. For I am the man who believes in the values President Obama and his company are relinquishing, nay, betraying by building it. And I will never be reconciled to their faits accomplis.

It’s not peace they are building for us, but a prison, good intentions on the part of some notwithstanding.

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