Iran nuclear deal: The mystery solved

Iran nuclear deal: The mystery solved | AEIdeas.

I agree with the conclusions drawn by Mike and Jim here, namely that the Obama Administration is seeing an alliance with Iran and Russia. But, as I argued in my recent article, such an alliance does not augur well for regional stability and peace, because, and as we can see clearly in Syria, it will come at the expense of the aspirations of the majority Arab Sunni population  for empowerment. An Iranian regional hegemony is minority rule writ large, especially from the perspective of Sunni Arabs at this stage who now have Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to draw lessons from.

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The Bad Deal

NOW: The bad deal

In Geneva, the Obama administration “successfully” negotiates the terms of America’s surrender

While many analysts seem to be celebrating the interim agreement just signed in Geneva – under which Iran will suspend portions of its nuclear program in exchange for decreased economic sanctions – a closer examination in the context of regional trends gives little reason for optimism.

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French, Iranian FMs: Iran nuclear deal reached

French, Iranian FMs: Iran nuclear deal reached – Houston Chronicle.

Reached – a capitulation agreement by the world ‘s only superpower whose luck it is to be ruled by a bunch of nincompoops, to a group of fascists pigs busy helping a genocidal maniac perpetrate his crimes in Syria, joy to the world, and all that sort of things. For what no one will tell you concerning this “blessed” agreement is the attached tacit clause that gives Iran (and Russia) a free hand in Syria and Lebanon – all for a 6-month worth of promises meant, nay, designed to be broken.

As Syrian Chemical-Weapons Attack Loomed, Missteps Doomed Civilians

As Syrian Chemical-Weapons Attack Loomed, Missteps Doomed Civilians –

Brief History of A Major Fuckup, but not that anyone involved has shown any signs of remorse: the regime keeps killing with an even greater dose of impunity (albeit by other means), the opposition keeps faltering and fragmenting in a dizzying display of incompetence, and the Obama Administration is still leading events from the devil’s “behind,” or wherever the Hell they remain stuck – surely a cold and dark place reserved from the amoral bastards of history.