Iran nuclear deal: The mystery solved

Iran nuclear deal: The mystery solved | AEIdeas.

I agree with the conclusions drawn by Mike and Jim here, namely that the Obama Administration is seeing an alliance with Iran and Russia. But, as I argued in my recent article, such an alliance does not augur well for regional stability and peace, because, and as we can see clearly in Syria, it will come at the expense of the aspirations of the majority Arab Sunni population  for empowerment. An Iranian regional hegemony is minority rule writ large, especially from the perspective of Sunni Arabs at this stage who now have Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to draw lessons from.

While Turkey is powerful and stable enough not to fear an Iranian rise, in due course of time, they might see this trend as troubling as well. In fact, according to Soner Cagaptay from the Washington Institute, Turkish authorities are already showing signs of concern:

“A U.S.-Iran deal now would add to Ankara’s self-informed view that the United States is advancing Shiite and Iranian interests in Syria. Turkey fears that this deal would help create a Shiite arch extending from Damascus through Baghdad to Tehran.”