Notes on the Paris Attacks

Charlie Hebdo's new cover image.
Charlie Hebdo’s new cover image.
  • All so-called Abrahamic religions have an embedded element of disdain towards all other faith systems, one that has been clearly and unambiguously articulated in their various holy books as well as by a huge assortment of their favorite scholars and clerics, one that colors popular attitudes and feeds popular stereotypes, even among the self-declared secular segments, and inspires rejection, condescension and downright hate among a select few.

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A Necessary Mea Culpa

Arab League conference, 1964.
Arab League conference, 1964.

Authoritarianism, sectarianism, corruption, cronyism, lack of interest in developing our societies, beyond the introduction of certain consumerist façades, these things existed long before the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The U.S. invasion of Iraq merely removed a lid on all this. I am not saying no major fuckups were made during the invasion and ensuing occupation, for there were plenty. Still, the idea that we were better off somehow before is a lie we tell ourselves, and others, so that we can continue shirking responsibility for who we are and what we are doing to each other.

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French, Iranian FMs: Iran nuclear deal reached

French, Iranian FMs: Iran nuclear deal reached – Houston Chronicle.

Reached – a capitulation agreement by the world ‘s only superpower whose luck it is to be ruled by a bunch of nincompoops, to a group of fascists pigs busy helping a genocidal maniac perpetrate his crimes in Syria, joy to the world, and all that sort of things. For what no one will tell you concerning this “blessed” agreement is the attached tacit clause that gives Iran (and Russia) a free hand in Syria and Lebanon – all for a 6-month worth of promises meant, nay, designed to be broken.

The Creation of An Unbridgeable Divide

openDemocracy | 24 January 2013

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