For Syrian optimists, now is the time to reconsider

Special to The Daily Star

If the last five years in Syria have shown anything, it is that the country’s Baath regime cannot accommodate serious reforms – economic, political or structural. As such, the lackluster nature of the recent Baath congress and its recommendations were not surprising. If anything, the Baath simply lived up to its, by now, well-established reputation as the party of missed opportunities and disappointments.  Continue reading “For Syrian optimists, now is the time to reconsider”

Going Full Monte in Damascus!

No longer a lion cub, ours is now the real grown thing. The Baath Congress, we are told, has gone just as planned, as far as he is concerned, and he has just appointed members of his team to all key positions in the country’s military and security institutions – with General Dashing playing quite the important role I have to say, but then he always had. 

Continue reading “Going Full Monte in Damascus!”

Flexibility allows for hope, rigidity precipitates mayhem

Tharwa Editorial

Despite the authoritarian nature of many Iranian institutions, the ruling elite have long agreed on a certain process for managing their differences. This process is still in effect today and is playing a major role in the country by allowing for a certain amount of political dynamism on the top and, therefore, for a certain amount of hope for survival, if not of the Islamic regime itself then of the country.  Continue reading “Flexibility allows for hope, rigidity precipitates mayhem”