Time for Revolution, and Planning

Yeah, this is the time for revolutions and change: the peaceful variety. This is both exciting and exhausting. And since I am an advocate of patience and careful planning, and of leaving things in the hands of grassroots activists on the ground to guide us and decide on the right time for the move, I have to put up with all different sorts of accusations coming from my more hotheaded colleagues, those who champion revolutionary rhetoric but think that revolutionary action is nothing more than spontaneous social combustion instigated by repeated shouts of Allahu Akbar and Down With the Regime.

Syria is not ready for an uprising

The groundwork for Egypt and Tunisia’s days of rage took years. In isolated Syria, there is much grassroots work to be done.

guardian.co.uk, Monday 7 February 2011 11.00 GMT.

A “day of rage” called for by Syrian opposition members living abroad and scheduled for last Friday and Saturday came and went: the only mass presence detected on the streets of major cities in Syria was that of security forces. Continue reading “Syria is not ready for an uprising”