Random Observations on Some Recent Developments

A Scene from Dr. Strangelove.
A Scene from Dr. Strangelove.


Iran will never give up its nuclear program. To them, having nuclear capabilities and a few warheads and missiles on the side is meant tom inoculate them against foreign dabbling. Iranian officials believe that, unlike Saudi Arabia whose breakup will come largely due to mismanagement on part of the ruling establishment, the only way the Iranian establishment they could face serious domestic troubles will come as a result of clandestine activities supported by Western governments. Having nuclear weapons will prevent that possibility, so they think, even as American drones and intelligence operations are busy destabilizing Pakistan, which has long been a nuclear power.

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Of Historical Shifts

Children playing amidst the ruins in Aleppo, Syria
Children playing amidst the ruins in Aleppo, Syria

Dictators can often get way and for long time with treating their people like subhuman entities; so long as they can provide the basics, their people, for a variety of reasons, might tolerate their oppressive ways. But when they cannot even provide that, those hurting will begin to fight back, to reject, and they can bring the house down in time, no matter how violent the crackdown against them is.

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Everybody loves Al-Qaeda – Part Two

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Through their reactive kneejerk policies over the last few years, policies that conform both to their inherent nature and parochial interests, Russia, Iran, the Assad regime, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and all other Middle Eastern regimes managed to create a situation in Syria where the United States had no choice but to intervene to midwife a process that will eventually secure the interests of most of these regimes, most of which will survive the current mayhem with little or no change.

Fighters of al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant parade at Syrian town of Tel Abyad
An ISIS parade in the Syrian town of Tal-Abyad

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Anne Applebaum: China and Russia bring back Cold War tactics

Anne Applebaum: China and Russia bring back Cold War tactics – The Washington Post.

Irrespective of what #Russia’s or #China’s intentions are, resorting to Cold War tactics in this globalized world of ours will pave the way for disasters for which no one is prepared: #Syria is a case in point. Unless the need for a serious attitude adjustment on their part is highlighted by a more proactive American administration, the consequences of this development will be dire.