Syrian Crisis Threatens Development in Arab World

Syrian Crisis Threatens Development in Arab World – Inter Press Service.

In some countries, autocratic rule did not come as an impediment to development but as a facilitator thereof, but in Arab-majority countries, among others, communal identities were too entrenched and have severely constrained the ability and willingness of the ruling regimes to develop their countries. In Syria, the Assads have ruled the country as a conquered enemy territory, and try as they did, and they did try, they could not assimilate and reflect in their collective behavior the ideals of unity, integration and justice that they assiduously preached. Their schizophrenic behavior reflected the artificial nature of the state they controlled and served to feed and amplify the identity crisis from which each Syrian community and each Syrian citizen suffer.  The result is this devastation, and its regional and global ramifications.

U.N. Reports Mass Executions in Northern Syria

U.N. Reports Mass Executions in Northern Syria –

Caught between the Assad Regime and Al-Qaeda, moderation loses its significance, the international community its legitimacy, and hope its usefulness. If we soldier on at this stage, it’s more out of spite than hope. Who know? Perhaps the victories that are often attributed to hope owe more to tenacity and spite. Be that as it may, the one certainty I still have is that this fire is bound to burn us all. No one is immune, irrespective of what some believe, or like to believe.

Syria Called Eager to Be Rid of Chemical Arms

Syria Called Eager to Be Rid of Chemical Arms –

But of course, the Assads have always been eager to please… the United States and the international community. In exchange, they only demand the right to repress and massacre their own people. Is that too much to ask? Judging by current global reactions, it doesn’t seem to be. Meanwhile, international officials press on with their campaign to rehabilitate the Assad regime, even as it remains committed to its genocidal venture.