On the Pragmatic State!

In an ideological state, the ruling ideology is not important in itself but only inasmuch as it can serve as a mantra whose repetition is necessary to justify the continuing control of the corrupt ruling elite. For this reason, ideological states are almost always incapable of reinventing themselves. The best that can be achieved in them is implosion and disintegration.

The survival of a certain administrative core, in some cases, and the fight to maintain that survival, are not necessarily signs of (cultural and civilizational) vitality inasmuch as they are indications of the desperate activities of certain interest groups working hard to cut down their losses, on the one hand, and maximize their potential benefits from the breakdown, on the other.

This state of affairs could last for decades, and could only be challenged internally, when one of the groups involved manages, through whatever Machiavellian tactics, to impose its will and vision upon the rest. The final outcome of all this is not necessarily a liberal state, but one that is less ideological and more capable of accommodating global realities.

If no core should survive, the result would be a failed state. Failed states are more likely to get dissected and absorbed into neighboring states at great costs to all involved, than they are to be mended.