Idolatry & Heresy!

One’s relationship with the Unknown should always be dialectic in nature. For once it is formalized or ritualized in any way, it instantly becomes “idolatry.” The problem with idolatry is that it sets arbitrary “metaphysical ” limits on the definition of right and wrong, not only in the theological sphere, but in the political, social and even economic ones as well. Indeed, it sets limits on free thought and free speech on both the individual and communal levels. So, while individuals are free to be idolaters, their existence, their idolatry, is bound to “taint” us all. But since, they, perhaps unfortunately, tend to represent the preponderant majority of humankind, “our” relationship with “them” has to be dialectical as well. Of course, at point or another in “our” lives, we might have easily been “them.” In life, everything is dialectical.