Infelix Vates!

I just survived another round of dubiously curt and polite investigation by the Military Security Directorate. This promises to be the last such session with this particular Directorate. But it seems obvious now that other security branches will be jumping into the fray soon. 


As I returned home today and tried to organize my thoughts, I found it difficult to make sense of this while development. What do these people want anyway? Who is making the decision to investigate? Is all this taking place on the personal behest of each branch leader in an attempt to prove to themselves, and their superiors, that they are doing their job and that they remain on top of things? Or is there some kind of coordination taking place between the various branches, something that did not use to happen before? If so, what is the purpose of this coordination in my case? Is the clicking ticking on me?

That’s one possibility I reckon. But, and no matter how serious it momentarily seems to be, and no matter how concerned I should probably be at this stage, still, and as my wife conveys to me the tragic news of al-Hariri’s assassination, a different perspective, a whole different ethos, suddenly imposes itself upon my mind.

All of a sudden all my worries vanish, I am no longer the center of own life. For a few short minutes, I will have to circumambulate another Kaabah, it seems, one that is simultaneously more majestic and more scarred than I could ever be.

Goodbye Hariri. Infelix vates.