Heretical Ramblings!

Running forward is not an art that this regime is capable of learning. The only thing our “leaders” can do in times of crises is fall back on old positions and stances, burying their heads in the sand hoping the crisis will blow over in time leaving them unharmed – the country and the people do not, of course, matter.


The main source of income, after oil, for our “leaders,” the cash flow that fill their coffers, is, as many people should know by now, drugs: hasheesh and opium to be specific. Since the main center of production for these “crops” is located in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, how can this regime ever be expected to pull out of that beleaguered country? 

But then how can it really survive if it didn’t?

A drug trade is still a trade, a business, and does, therefore, require a certain amount of stability to thrive. So, wouldn’t be it be more advisable for this regime to try to work out new arrangements to conduct its business rather than risk confrontation, isolation, removal and chaos?

Fools. Fools. An old poem cannot help but resurface in the mind of this despairing heretic.