Heretical Questions!

American warships are said to be coming our way. What does that mean? Is it really going to happen? Can nothing be done to help prevent the situation from reaching this bloody climax?


The window of opportunity on a peaceful rational settlement is quickly closing. Can they see this here? Can they move that fast? Can they divorce themselves, for once, from wishful thinking? Is it still feasible? 

Can we still hope that cooler calmer wiser heads can prevail? Is any really around? Have there ever been such people around?

Did we really have the right to hope that things will be somehow different for us? That we can somehow manage to avoid the same mistakes of our neighbors, our brothers and our fathers? That we can somehow learn from history? That we can actually see history for what it really is, not for what we wish it to be? But can we really see anything for what it really is through the thick veils of fear, apprehension and ignorance that we insist on wearing?

Or has our fate been sealed from the cradle?

American warships are said to be coming our way. But I don’t know what to expect really: catastrophe or salvation?

But then we are all born soaked in blood.

What type of birth defects will we suffer from this time around I wonder, seeing that, once again, our delivery is quite premature?