A Prophet in Idlib!

No, this part of the world, this blessed plot, this realm, this Syria, has not forgotten that old habit of churning out prophets yet. One, in fact, has recently been taken out of his jail cell (and where would a prophet end up this day in age?) just to intercede with his followers, held in a different prison, calling for the release of that prison’s warden, whom they had taken hostage. 


The intercession worked, of course. Prophets do still have power over the minds and will of their followers, no matter how pitiful they all may be.

Will reform, I wonder, require the intercession of such a prophet? Or do you need a full-fledged god for this?

But no. Prophets and gods this day in age are more interested in the status quo or the status quo ante than reform. So much for divine intervention!

Change in this part of the world will more likely be championed by demons – and heretics, of course.