A Heretical Headache!

There are so many things to write about these days, so many things. But so little time to do it. 


Should I write about the Saturday night extravaganza at the Sheraton Hotel, featuring a rare fashion show in Syria and a rather interesting performance by the Iraqi singer Kazem al-Saher? Or should I join in the speculations concerning the upcoming visit by the President to New York? Or should I wax angrily and disdainfully poetic over a recent Egyptian video-clip meant to denounce Islamist terrorism and falling much short of the target? Or the ongoing campaign by the Syrian government to appear steadfast if not nonchalant in the face of its current diplomatic isolation and increasing economic woes? 

Too many choices. Too much input. Too little time to sort things out. So, let’s not sort anything out. Nothing matters. Nothing really matters. Not tonight darling, I have a headache. I really do have a headache. I can be on the receiving end of headaches it seems. Damn! What an Ubermensh I turned out to be!