End of the End!

Should I be glad that my predictions regarding eminent regimefall seem about to come true?


Should my ego be gratified when analysts of the caliber of Volker Perthes seem to have reached the same conclusions?

Well, all I can say is that things have never been squarely and solely about my ego. Nor should I be expected to be gald with the potential mayhem that we seem poised to face soon. 

Still, The Mehlis Report is not out yet, and though it is increasingly likely to be quite damning, contrary to what our wishful thinkers in the region are asserting, it is not clear yet whether it will implicate specific figures within the Syrian security establishment.

As such, the Syrian President, our perennial lion cub who simply refuses to grow up, might be given one final shot at debaathification from the top. Knowing him, however, he is more likely to waste this opportunity by falling into a new self-congratulatory coma, as has been his want over the preceding years.

Indeed, what I fear more than the Mehlis Report, much more, is for our leaders to try to outsmart the world again. It is this addiction of theirs that got us into hot water to begin with. It is this very addiction that is likely to cause our country’s collapse in the not-so-distant morrow.

Oh, for joy for joy.