The Trinity!

As our Ruling Trinity, whose holiness, even in certain sectarian minds, seems to be continually eroding (and some will throw a not-so virginal mother figure to the mix as well) tries desperately to come to terms with the materialization of its worst fears, they are more likely to do even more harm than good to the people, the country.


Why? Because by nature they are dumb. There is no other explanation for their behavior during the last few years than this. 

Inheriting dumb leaders is not exactly an unusual occurrence within the context of hereditary regimes: our history books are rife with precedents. Indeed, there are quite a few Umayyad and Abbasid caliphs whose name can be cited here as examples. And albeit dumb leaders have not always courted palace coups or grassroots uprisings, the chances of this particular set of dumb leaders are further muddled by the fact they have to deal with an increasingly hostile world. But they don’t know how. The best they can do is indeed nothing, in other words, play it dumb and pretend that nothing is wrong and, worse, that everything is right, everything is going according to plan.

A direct internal threat may not be very visible and easy to identify at this stage, but these people have spent a lifetime fussing and worrying about such a prospect that they are bound to see it in their mind’s eye behind every corner and behind every development.

A septuagenarian’s challenge of their legitimacy is bound to have greater repercussions in their minds than what it objectively represents. Meanwhile, our septuagenarian’s call does not seem to have been issued in the wilderness, a certain Damascene huri has just joined the fray and upped the ante.

Who is that idiot who thought that the Sunnis can believe in a trinity?

Still, I don’t look forward to the return of “monotheistic rule.” To me, to each his idol, but the state should have none. None at all.