The Qardaha Boyz!

Small and seemingly minor events can sometimes convey the truth much more clearly and effectively than any amount of deep political analysis. 

While security officers are busy rounding up young students and activists for daring to try to establish a democratic youth forum where they can exchange ideas about the future of their country, members of the President’s family (yeah, those good old Qaradah Boyz) long known for their involvement in smuggling activities, kidnapping, extortion and heists, seem to have decided to flex their muscles a little and show the country who’s really the boss there. They did so by stealing the Mercedes Phantom belonging to the country’s new Minister of Interior, Brig Gen Bassam Abdulmajid, in a move that constitutes a major blow to his yet un-established prestige. Boohoo.

Not to be outdone, Bashar is to said to be planning to hijack his father’s presidential airplane and…,

Oh yes, I forget, he has already done so. Damn!

Well, he needs to do something wild anyhow and pretty soon too, lest his own credentials be subject to questioning. After all, he is the Grand Old Pouting Boy of the Qardaha Boyz and his is the burden of constantly proving it and living up to its requirements. So, this recent attempt at trying to minimize the audacity of his own Gang’s move by saying that the stolen car actually belonged to the former Minister of Interior, the all too tragically suicided Ghazi Kanaan, is just too pale and serve to further weaken his hand. Tsk. Tsk.

Ah the pressure of it all.

Hell, if things continued along these lines, it might just become easier to deal with the country’s failing economy. So there!