Heretical Temptations!

Tempting fate, just as he tempts me I guess, this is the essence of what I am doing really. This is what I have been doing all my life. This is what I will surely keep on doing.


Tempting fate. Tempting fate.

But what else, who else, is there for me to tempt?

And the price? – To go through life not knowing whether my luck will hold, or for how long.

Oh well…

Syria and the Fallacies of the China Model

Published in my short-lived blog: Tharwalizations – Making Sense & Wealth of Difference 

Witnessing the reintroduction of the China Model into the scene of the political discouse surrounding Syria’s future comes as quite an alarming development. The Model was first introduced into the country’s political discourse in early 2000 by some Baath and other leftwing ideologues, but now it is being reintroduced by American right- and leftwing commentators seeking to further their anti-neocon diatribe, or avert blame over the worsening situation in Iraq – after all, it is never too early to begin campaigning for the next elections on behalf of your favorite party. Continue reading “Syria and the Fallacies of the China Model”

Ordinary Life!

It would have been quite interesting indeed to witness an actual transmogrification taking place in real time had it not been so personally relevant. As such, watching our simple lion cub as he metamorphosesinto a full-fledged ass is no fun at all.

Nor is it any fun to watch, helplessly, and from afar, one’s own 60-something mother as she suffers from the pains of a broken shoulder blade, and one’s own 30-something friend as he goes through the anguish of chemo-therapy. Continue reading “Ordinary Life!”