The Making of Armageddon!

The Jordanian authorities are still moving adamantly with their case against Hamas and the Syrian regime. The recent televised confessions of a Hamas suspect may seem like a page out of an old and worn out book, but it does betray a serious commitment to taking this matter to its logical conclusion: a confrontation with the Assad regime. When the Jordanian monarch warned against the rise of the Shia crescent, he was not mincing words or sound-bites. Rather, he was speaking as a true believer in the ultimate necessity of seeing this unholy crescent collapse and fall apart. He is a Hashemite after all.

In neighboring Lebanon, the situation continues to heat up as well as the Nasrallah-Aun alliance continues to prosecute their war against the Future Current, by calling for the downfall of the Seniora government.

Meanwhile, an anti-Kurdish Turkish-Iranian alliance of sorts is forming, and troops are being positioned across the borders with the Kurdish areas in Iraq.

Anyone has a match? Just light it up and watch the fireworks. The ensuing Armageddon may not bring down the end of the world as prophesied (but then prophecies tend to exaggerate things, don’t they?), but the end of the region as we know it might indeed be at hand, and Syria will be part of the battlefield. We have the “right” caliber leaders to ensure that. Lucky us!