Wet Dreams and Dry Realities!

The recentarticleby Shaaban Abboud on Islamic Movements in Syria highlights the fact that, in the final analysis and after all is said and done, these movements are formed along provincial rather than ideological lines, with personalities playing a huge role in this regard. Different sheikhs have different followers, disciples and devotees. They will compete with each other, and vilify each other, now somewhat quietly but tomorrow quite overtly, but they will eventually agree on one thing: the Shariah.

The only Islamic movement in Syria that no longer preaches the necessity of declaring the Sharia as the law of the land is the Muslim Brotherhood. They might still crave it in their heart, lust after it in their minds and masturbate at night while thinking of the moment of the ultimate consummation in this regard, but they know that such a call, at this stage, can only lead to all sorts of mayhem on account of the country’s diversity and the internal balances of power. So, for now, for the MB, the Sharia is out.

This state of affairs, that is, the internal divisions of the country’s Islamists movements, coupled with the more pragmatic character of the Brotherhood, will afford the secular forces, currents and movements in Syria a certain critical period of time in which they have to work studiously to consolidate their position on the grounds and make the whole issue of Sharia law rather academic, a mere wet-dream to nourish, no matter how vicariously, the famished, tormented and disfigured souls of the country’s Islamists.

In this regard, the recent move to form an NGO meant to advance secular concerns in the country is an idea that is long overdue. Let’s just hope that it’s not too little too late.