Of Cats and Guilt

First posted on my short-lived blog Tharwalizations. 

The cat-and-mouse game between regular armies and “resistance” fighters has always had a heavy toll on the civilian population and the basic infrastructure of the countries involved. It has always served to undermine the potential for democracy as well. Still, a democracy did emerge out of the rubble in Germany and Japan following WWII, and one hopes that this may still be the case for Lebanon as well, albeit all indications point to the possibility that the wrong elements might end up running things in Lebanon, once the dust settles. The elements will lord over a virtual desolation, but they will be the lords.

But then, the souls of most of our people have been talibanized long before the onset of this mayhem. Now, our cherished structures are following the lead. Desolation within translates into desolation without. External dabbling is still to be blamed, and for a lot of things, but especially, for showing us what was lurking within us all the while. Israel is denuding us. And We are all guilty. We are all to blame.