Of Freedom and Stability

First posted on my short-lived blog Tharwalizations. 

We should give as much thought to the issue of quality with regard to the peace and stability that many of us are advocating and holding on to, as we do to the consequences of change and instability. After all, the search for freedom, progress prosperity and justice is no longer reconcilable, if it has ever been, with the status quo in our part of the world, and does indeed pose a serious challenge to it. Our search to improve the quality of lives requires and necessitates radical change.

We are indeed facing an existential crisis par excellence here, and have been for quite a while now, yet we continue to turn our backs on it. This is undermining our ability to survive it, both as viable states and as a viable culture. Should we persist in our rejectionist attitude vis-à-vis change, there might indeed be nothing left for us to reject soon. Our choices, our fate and our resources might just be taken away from us just as easily as they were handed down to us. History does not wait for people to make their up minds at their leisure, regardless of the legitimacy of their hesitation, their concerns and their fears with regard to change, and the all-too-human nature of them all. For history, though made by people, is as dispassionate about their feelings as time itself. History is Time. The only thing it can ever do is pass, regardless of whether we are onboard or deep under.