The Heretic’s Mother, and Other Heretical Notions!

The issue of the recent interview I gave to Ynet continues to generate enough controversy it seems that my mother was finally asked by journalist to weigh in on it. She did so in a brief interview with the website Middle East transparent.

To no one’s surprise, I hope, my Mom refused to disown me, which is always a good thing I guess. Thanks Mom. “My son is free in his political stances.” She also said. “I have never tried to impose any opinion on him.” Very true. Unfortunately though, she has to bear some of the burden associated with my own opinions.  Sorry Mom.

Muna_wassefOn a different note, I have to apologize for my lack of activity on the blog lately, and for failing to take issue with some of the recent Syria-related developments. No. I have not been exactly otherwise preoccupied, but I fear protestations at this stage will go nowhere. The momentum has simply shifted in favor of the “realists,” and their brand of realism needs to run its course.  I fear the realists are far more righteous and morally indignant than the neo-cons, indeed, their ear drums are already cluttered with their mutual self-flattery and assertions with regard to the manifest correctness of their own assuredly ingenious ideas. They will not listen now. No. They are too busy being brilliant, in their own minds of course, to listen to those who will tell them that they are not, not by a long shot. We have to wait until such time when their brilliance become less self-evident to them, and their cluelessness becomes somewhat more admissible, then we might have a chance at giving them an earful, interspersed, hopefully, with some useful advice.

One word of caution though, if the Bush Administration Democracy Campaign has gained America’s new enemies and cost it some friends, some of whom might have actually been real and useful, the realists’ Stability & Peace Campaign is bound to make matters even worse, namely: by offering America a few new back stabbing friends, losing her last few allies in the region, and re-emboldening the terrorists. After all, terrorists were not exactly the products of liberal democratic regimes, and the European-born exceptions that some usually trudge up here are primarily the products of enduring western racism vis-à-vis the migrant communities in their midst, more so than Middle Eastern politics.

Be that as it may, the basic ethos of the game is still the same: the survival of the least hopeless and dumb in a world that is becoming more and more hostile to the merest hint of sanity and sobriety.