The Backlash!

While things might appear good for the Assad regime as result of the recent congressional visits to Syria, the positions of the both Bush and Cheney in this regard, indicate that a backlash is to be expected. The recent relaxation that the Bush administration has shown vis-à-vis contact with Syrian officials, a development evident in the Baghdad conference, the meeting with the Syrian Ambassador in the US in the Sate Department, and the ensuing talks in Damascus between US and Syrian officials with regard to the situation of Iraqi refugees, will now cease and desist. The Bush Administration is likely to resume its isolationist policies with regard to the Assads, and will probably pursue them with a greater vim. So, do let the Syrian Ambassador pursue his congressional activities, he is only helping the Opposition’s cause as well.

Moreover, and considering the blunder that Pelosi committed by snubbing Syrian human rights activists and failing to rise that whole human rights and democracy dimension, especially at this point in time when fraudulent elections are being held in the country, and considering the harsh stances of Bush and Cheney regarding this entire development, all Senators who went to Syria, and not only Pelosi, will be hard pressed now to balance and nuance their stance on Syria and the Assad regime, so as not to come out too partisan, hypocritical, unwise, careless and/or foolish. And what better way to accomplish this than to meet with Syrian opposition figures and/or hold a congressional hearing on the worsening situation of human rights in Syria and the regime’s involvement in manufacturing regional mayhem.

Expect something along these lines to take place or at least be announced soon.