The Curse!

These are interesting times indeed.

Realism and moderation are paving the way for dealing-making with radical murderous thugs.

Peacemaking is taking place in order to save, preserve and advance the interests of autocratic regimes.

Patriotism is used to get entire populations desperately in need of justice and freedom to accept another compromise on their freedom and on justice. The point is to allow for the same people who are busy plundering their countries’ precious resources, to go on doing just that for many more years to come, no recantations and no apologies offered!!

Blind faith in murderers, thieves and thugs is offered as a necessary measure for saving ourselves from the mess we got ourselves into by supporting so many of the same murderers, thieves and thugs!!

This is why living in interesting time is a curse. This is why the interests of freedom, justice and/or peace are not likely to be served at this stage, not by the usual suspects at least. Forget the current world and regional leaders, the solutions to our problems will not emerge from their circles and, in most cases, the solutions will have to be worked in the face of their confusion, corruption, incompetence and opposition.


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